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With a following that covers all corners of the world, it's not easy for everyone to come for a lesson in person. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their game I am now offering online lessons.
All you need to do is follow my step by step guide and you will soon be playing better golf. 

1. Purchase your lesson and await an email response from me with the online assessment form, this should take between 3-5 days land in you inbox.

2. Fill out the online assessment form, identifying which part of your game you would like to work on.
3. Film your swing in slow motion whenever possible from both the down the target line and from face positions. Then send the videos via email to gedwaltersgolf@gmail.com.
4. Within 5-7 days I will prepare a detailed video analysis reply explaining the improvements which can be made and I will demonstrate how I want you to go about achieving them.

5. Then all you need to do is go and practice your drills, play and become a better golfer. 

The online lessons cost £25.00. They can also be bought as a gift (vouchers sent out via email).

I am passionate about improving your game and I realy look forward to helping you all become better golfers.