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Student Reviews

Georgie Fitzgibbon


My 10 year old son has been having lessons off Ged now for a year. He absolutely loves his lessons. Ged makes the learning fun and exciting and Georgie enjoys the games and challenges that they play each week.


He is improving greatly each week.

Ged has so much patients and explained everything in a manor that children understand, he is brilliant and my son looks forward to his weekly lessons and says Ged is brilliant!


David Slingsby


Excellent lesson again from Ged, very helpful and Ged quickly identifies my issues and provides great tips and practice routines to help improve my game.

Gareth Heaton


Ged is superb. I would advocate anyone new to or currently playing golf to book a lesson with Ged. He breaks things down into simple bitesize chunks, works on how things feel and look. 


I've seen large changes to my golf game and can only see my game improving whilst I continue with lessons with Ged.

Paul Roberts


Been having lessons with Ged for a good while now. Top golf coach, keeps its simple and he’s really helped by showing me how to focus on certain areas of my swing, etc


I enjoy the relaxed nature of the lessons. I also think it’s really good how Ged makes use of technology to provide understandable feedback


Highly recommend.



Bought a set of lessons and as I was picking the sport up from last playing over 20 years ago. Ged helped me get into it again and all my lessons have been about marginal improvements from what I already had. Not a full re-write. Meaning I'm playing happily again within weeks and no making decent changes to my scores.

Neil Draper


Best golf lessons I have had , I’m starting to enjoy my golf again , also less balls being lost and my score is now more consistent. Thanks ged 👍.

Jason Lightfoot


Top Quality lesson and understanding and approach to golf lessons are brilliant

John McNally


Excellent lesson.

Great teacher, keeps instructions simple but clear and concise, Highly recommended

Alan Redford


Had a first initiation lesson with Ged and the main issue I was struggling with was my very inconsistent iron striking. Ged broke this all down in a very clear, concise and in-depth manner and gave me some very interesting and very detailed advice on how I can improve this aspect of my golf game.


I now have something to go away and work with and I will absolutely see Ged again for further instruction and advice.

Ian Williams


I've had a number of lessons with Ged doesn't matter how confusing and difficult golf gets, Ged brakes your swing down in to easy to understand sections , giving you great tips to practice at the range, would recommend Ged to anyone looking to improve their game.

Phil McGuinness


I’ve been seeing Ged for nearly a year. His understanding and approach to lessons is brilliant. I would highly recommend Ged as a tutor.. 

Bill Twigg


Excellent coaching and instruction from GED, didn’t over complicate matters when explaining what he wanted me to do and how to address the swing flaws I have developed over the years.


Beginning to see the results and most definitely on the right track with my game..

Dave Flanagan


I can’t stop smiling when I come out of a lesson with Ged. He knows exactly which drills to give you and they work so well. Absolutely brilliant.

Craig Abbott


Had my first lesson with Ged and it was really interesting and I learnt a lot to take away and practice..

Lisa Wheetman


Excellent lesson again , very clear and concise in delivery . Makes everything make sense with clear instruction . Thank you !!



I recently had my first golf lesson with Ged and couldnt recommended him enough. Ged broke everything down and made it easy for me to understand and implement the techniques taught. I left the lesson feeling a big improvement in my golf swing and with some drills that I can go away and practice what was taught during the lesson.

John Van-Aston


Really good session , got my swing were it needed to be . Friendly nice guy

Ian Smith


To coin a commonly used phrase "Golf is Hard" - if you want someone to make it a bit less hard Ged is your man.


My swing and game from when I started with Ged to now is unrecognizable - swing path and ball striking is much more consistent and my 70 yard banana slice has been banished.


My game is far from perfect but isn't continual improvement one of the joys of the game. 


Thanks Ged, I now enjoy my game a lot more and am even more determined to reach my goals with your continuing help.



Ged is an excellent tutor, shows you your golf swing on video and let’s you know what you need to do to improve it.. 



Had 3 lessons with Ged over the last couple of months, feel at ease with his coaching and communication 

Felt more confident with each lesson for striking the ball and over the top swing plane .

Dan Smith


Top quality lessons as always! Best golf coach I've used.

Ethan Van-Aston


Quality session , sorted errors out

Gavin Wilson


I've only had 4 lessons with Ged up to now I've found him excellent at what he does. I've learned something new in every session and improved my game massively from swing analysis to the individual session overview videos he has a great approach to teaching. He gives you some good drills to practice in-between lessons to keep you on track and improving. Can't recommend enough.

Ken Bristowe


Had the 3rd of three lessons yesterday, the 3rd of June. Concentrating on ball position and backswing. Geds teaching methods were really good and fun.

I feeI that I have acheived a lot from where I was a month ago when I asked Ged if he could rebuild an old man's love for the game. He certainly has, no more thought of packing in and getting a dog.

Thank you Ged I look forward to seeing you next month for some on course tuition.

Cheers Ken

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