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Who is Ged

In-Person Coaching

After becoming engrossed with his on learning and improvement, Ged's passion for what makes a golfer "tick" grew rapidly. This appetite for learning and knowledge has never stopped, fast forward over 20 years later and hundreds of golfers around the world from professionals and elite amateurs to the weekend warrior have seen vast improvements in the golf.

Ged's enthusiasm and passion is clear to see and his holistic approach to getting each individual student to play their best golf gives him the ability to simplify even the most complex task. 

If you speak to any of his students past and present they will all tell you the same thing, Ged keeps it simple, makes it really easy to understand and most importantly very easy to implement into your game so you get results straight away.

PGA Professional
Golf Monthly Top 50 Coach 

How Can I Help You?

Online Coaching

Can't get to see me in person but still want to take you play your best golf and lower your scores? Online coaching has become an invaluable tool and I now coach golfers all over the world play their best golf, shooting lower scores.

Let's get started 

In-Person Coaching

Golf is hard enough without trying to figure it out on your own, with a generic tip or some passed on advice from a friend. I'm invested in helping anyone who has the desire to play their best golf, have more fun and shoot lower scores. 

Let's get started 

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