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About Ged's

Coaching Philosophy

"Take nothing on it's looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule."  Charles Dickens

In my experience playing better golf is not all about the swing. As important as the swing technique is, the ability to shoot lower scores is about something more. Scoring is all about the decisions you make, so what do you make yours on?

If you feel confident you go for it, if you made a mess of a shot you play it safe! Why not base your decisions on facts? I believe the anyone can play better golf and shoot lower scores by simply improving your golfing IQ.


Let's get better, keep it simple and look at the facts.

About Ged 


How Can I Help You?

Online Coaching

Can't get to see me in person but still want to take you play your best golf and lower your scores? Online coaching has become an invaluable tool and I now coach golfers all over the world play their best golf, shooting lower scores.

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In-Person Coaching

Golf is hard enough without trying to figure it out on your own, with a generic tip or some passed on advice from a friend. I'm invested in helping anyone who has the desire to play their best golf, have more fun and shoot lower scores. 

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